Perry Ashley is a young country singer from Florida who
remembers back when, as an eight year old with five dollars
in his pocket, he made a decision that would change his life
forever. One day at a yard sale with his mother, Perry laid his eyes on a guitar marked for sale for five dollars.

A youthful business decision came to Perry’s mind that was
strongly influenced by countless other yard sales attended with
his mother and grandmother. He bravely offered to take the
guitar off the sales lady's hands for three dollars. After pausing
to think it over, she nodded her approval and Perry gave her a
big smile feeling he had made a great purchase. Unknowingly
this "yard sale" lady set Perry on a journey that was to take him
to Nashville and his dream of recording.

It wasn't quite so direct and easy as that however. The other
two dollars were required for Perry to purchase guitar strings.
Along’ with this purchase, came his parents love and belief in
their son and his mother suggested that Perry take guitar
lessons. The guitar purchase and the lessons have been
indelibly set in Perry’s memory and he now realizes it was a
major step in symbolizing his dedication to a career in music
and songwriting.

As a young boy, Perry can recall the impression made on him
by listening to great music from Alabama, Elvis, George
Straight, Randy Travis, George Jones, John Anderson, Eric
Clapton, Credence Clearwater and the Beatles. Perry got his
first professional music experience performing old rock and
roll music as a guitar player with his Dad and life long friend,
Alan Barenklau, who taught him how to play. This developing
music career combined with his non-music passions of fishing ,huntingand attending rodeos made his life very enjoyable on every level. During this time he gave up football so he could split his days and nights between working hard during the day and
playing music at night.

At fifteen years of age he began to dabble in writing songs
although he never felt comfortable calling himself a writer
until others began to comment that the songs were good. He
says, "Having others like my music and having them react to
the songs in a positive way gave me confidence and I am glad
that there were family members and friends to give me
encouragement. It wasn’t until around seventeen years of age
that Perry recalled that this was something he could do for a
living and a lifetime.

Perry's entire family is important to his career. He comments,
"My brother, Frankie, played the drums and has always been
a real inspiration for my dreams of success.
The demo came to the attention of music industry
professional, Steven B Riley, who called Perry and moved him
one step closer to fulfilling his dream. He drove to Nashville
for a meeting with Steve who arranged for a demo session to
feel out the material and give him some Nashville experience.
The results were met with approval and Has lead to PERRY
recording his first album called STILL TICKING and later he
moved to Nashville were he has been playing several shows
as well as opening for country stars like Aaron Tippin.

It seems not that long ago that Perry was first playing guitar
and drums at local Florida gigs. Now his mind is filled with
the music and songs he has been composing and recording.

Perry’s original songs are drawn from either personal
happenings in his own life or from his heartfelt viewing of
what is happening in the lives of others.

Perry now feels at home in his Nashville recording situations
and while singing at local Nashville clubs and moving to
Nashville at the age of 26. It's all second nature to him and
he wants more of it. Perry has completed his first album and is
now looking forward to recording his second. Making videos
and performing dates all over the USA and other countries as
well. He feels his musical life has taken off in a busy schedule of writing, , recording and travel.

For Perry, its a long way from the dreams of a young eight
year old boy in Florida who made his way from a yard sale
with a second hand three dollar guitar to a million dollar
dream. As he reflects back, he can see that first step started
the journey and has taken him full circle. With his sights firmly
set on a career in music, he states that "it all started with the
purchase of a small used guitar. My investment of three
dollars has proved to be the best investment I could have ever

Perry Ashley's 

Quick INFO:
Genre' -Country
Influences -

Alabama, Randy Travis, George Straight and John Anderson


Dover, Florida

Old enough to know better...

Playing •

Bought first guitar at 8

Writing •

First song written at 15